Peru does not want to know lesbian congresswoman’s You.S. relationships

Peru does not want to know lesbian congresswoman’s You.S. relationships

Peruvian Congresswoman Susel Paredes along with her wife, Gracia Aljovin, have advised brand new Washington Knife that they will sue Peru more than their refusal to recognize their 20i.

Paredes and you will Aljovin made the decision after the Peruvian Constitutional Courtroom rejected their request to register their relationships. The happy couple had before filed a demand toward Federal Registry off Identification and you can Civil Position (RENIEC), that has been and refused.

Peru’s highest judge from the an excellent 4-dos margin rejected the new ladies’ petition, listing the newest “important aspects” out of wedding in the united states try “a voluntary union … as popular between men and you may a lady,” therefore “the right gotten abroad you to definitely collides with this particular notion can’t be acknowledged during the Peru.”

” At the same time, the judge mentioned that if Congress desires to present same-sex marriage in the Peru, it must take action courtesy an excellent constitutional change.

Some communities explained the latest ruling once the anti-LGBTQ because plus set you to definitely “homosexual unions commonly marriages, it is therefore maybe not discriminatory never to recognize her or him therefore” hence the judge do not “establish equivalent marriage from screen since this is work of one’s legislator

Paredes, in addition to regretting the selection, recognized to your Knife you to “it had been bad news that we has already been pregnant.”

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