Hitchhiker Stories: Genuine Knowledge off Genuine Individuals

Hitchhiker Stories: Genuine Knowledge off Genuine Individuals

Pursuing the my current report about hitchhiking where I mutual suggestions about how to get started, I have made a decision to assemble certain stories from the inside the fresh hitching society.

Feel informed: Any of these tales include helicopters, wild animals, parties, drugs, biker gangs and most importantly, amazing types of people kindness and you can kindness. Thus strap in your seat belts guys, this can be will be enjoyable.

Hippo Subscribers Accident

“We have hitchhiked around the globe, but one of my personal most remarkable and you may unusual hitchhiking sense happened within the Africa. I found myself outdoor camping truth be told there unicamente, and that i had somehow wound-up in the center of nowhere inside Botswana.

I was likely to go Namibia, however, I’d not a clue how to get around because there is a nationwide park between me personally and also the Namibian border. We talked for the residents and informed me one there aren’t any vehicles, however it is it is possible to so you can hitchhike. I’d an experience toward entrance of the federal playground, where I then waited getting my next experience.

I didn’t need wait for a lot of time; the first auto you to definitely drove previous picked me personally up.

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