Analogy Sentence: Umakyat ako ng bundok upang magmuni-muni tungkol sa mga bagay sa buhay

Analogy Sentence: Umakyat ako ng bundok upang magmuni-muni tungkol sa mga bagay sa buhay

You’ll find some thing in daily life that individuals can not manage. These items are meant to happen if or not we love they otherwise not because it is our very own tadhana. This new Tagalog term tadhana try an unseen fuel that causes occurrences beyond mortal control.


Have you got a fond thoughts otherwise recall which you cherish dearly? The latest Tagalog word for that is gunita. Now, it is possible to tend to pay attention term in music, stories, and you may poems. People don’t always utilize which for the relaxed conversations.


Example Phrase: Noong nakita kita sa tagpuan ni Bathala will get kinang sa mata na di maintindihan. – Tagpuan meet Masan women because of the Moira (Whenever i spotted your within the God’s meeting-place having a spark on your own eyes I am unable to understand.)

Christianity arrives on the Philippines in the Language colonization. Prior to one to, old Filipinos accustomed worship deities. Such as for example Romans and you will Greeks, Filipinos likewise have myths, and you may Bathala is the transcendent Ultimate Being, the latest copywriter, and you may ruler of cosmos, with regards to the dated Tagalog indigenous religion.


Example Phrase: Madarama ang Hanging Amihan sa Pilipinas mula buwan ng Nobyembre hanggang Disyembre. (The brand new Northeast Monsoon can be felt on the Philippines might be sensed regarding month from November to help you December.)

Amihan ‘s the term locals used to consider the latest Northeast wind. Amazingly, it is very the name of the goddess out of breeze from inside the the new strike Filipino dream show entitled Encantadia.

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